Wednesday, May 28, 2008

fairy of fats.don't come looking for me pls.

I was editing pictures and looking at my flickr mates picture then i had a sudden craving for cookies! :D yes. at midnight no less. 0.0 -_-'' o come on! i haven't had supper in a long time....just this once in a blue moon.......:P heh.

and to my trusty little snack cupboard i went too! i knew my stash of cookies and what nots were all there....i took my unopened pack of Chips More Cookies and a glass of millk.....mmmm. don't you want one now? I'm sure you do.
it was awesome i tell you. i took 4 pieces. didn't dare have more...i could have finish the whole pack!:P greedy little kitten i am. hahahaa!

as sinful as it was. i was happy! :D sinfully happy. so i hope the fairy of supper fats don't come looking for me anytime soon....*i really seldom snack out at night, ms fairy. nods nods hard. :D * heh. :P

Nothing stands between a girl and her cookies.

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