Thursday, May 8, 2008

the long forgotten technology.

mostly comes in black. one striped screen. at times comes with a gold or silver coloured metal chain. clips on the back depending on brand.beeps.requires one to look for a land line.has no more than 8buttons altogether.

okokok. what is she talking about?i know she is the lilaLien. but isn't this abit too abstract and gibberish already? @-@? where am i?

hahaa...if you were wondering that after all those probably are much younger than me...or not from the 80's, before the 80's or early-mid 90's.(it was still around in the 90's right?).

yes, have you guessed? if you can't you probably have no idea what im talking about....remember my last post on old big knock out brick water bottle handphones...?

We go one step back *swoosh. lets go back in time through the time machine -_-;;*....back then there wasn't just the land line (our house phones) and the public phone. there was the handphone of that era.

Yes. it was the time of what was known as pagers. People page you, and seeing their number or later on msg you needed to call them back with your landlines or public phone. It was cool then ok. the first few generations only had numbers to call back, after that it was modified to be able to have a little larger screen and show messages.... knowledge about pagers doesn't go that far...i was still a kid then...not really wanting a pager...not until much later for that matter...and for the wrong reason....know why? because...
they had it in Hello kitty design.

Yea. imagine that, hello kitty pager....quite cool to a kid mah...haha..:P i can't find the exact one online...but this one is quite close to the model they had back then. (how it looked i mean)
Yea. it was something like this if i didn't remember came in 3 different design....o come on...admit it..back then you might have liked it and wanted it too....just for the fun of it...haha...of course i never got it or ask anyone for it...why in the world would i need a pager? :P
Here's another which i saw while looking for the initial design i was looking for...hello kitty sure has taken every market it can lay its eyes on. Clever Sanrio.

I thought pagers had very much died down and are going extinct...but after a little research, i realised very wrong i was. Pagers are very much still around and are useful, only not in terms of normal day to day life usage for you and me.

Today it is still used for the very purpose why it was created. "to alert doctors attending emergencies" that was why it was invented in London. Why pagers not handphones you would ask? that would also be the main key factor as to why i think they are still using it and it being around nowadays without our knowledge.

"Pagers are still in use today in places where mobile phones typically cannot reach users, and also in places where the operation of the radio transmitters contained in mobile phones is problematic or prohibited.

One such type of location is a large hospital complex, where cellular coverage is often weak or nonexistent, where radio transmitters are suggested to interfere with sensitive medical equipment and where there is a greater need of assurance for a timely delivery of a message."
taken from Wiki Site. You can read the full article here*** to learn much more about it. its rather interesting actually. ( I feel like such a geek saying that XP haha. )

Yeaps, that's all for today. Take care peeps. love ya all. smileee...muacks. loves.
be a nice human.

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