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Lets run towards the sunset!

lilalienations: i lent my GTO drama set to someone(whom i can't remember) and realised it hasn't been returned...:( oo. sad....if any of you find an unidentified owner GTO pls return.:) haha...

"Lets run towards the sunset!"
"Lets play kick the Can!"
If any of these quotes come familiar to you...then you must be a fan or have catch Gokusen before, but definitely, all these quotes in the show were in Jap...they are just english translations....except for the two in the middle....

Last week...(?) jy and I went down to catch Gokusen...Yayness!:) i was wondering who to call to catch this show with..because not many people i know watch Jap shows and i definitely know of no one who has told me they have watched Gokusen drama i was cracking my head whoooo to call....because I was sooooo wanting to watch the movie finale to the series. I've been wanting to watch it ever since i was studying for my exam.....So i was absolutely relieved and very happy when Jy told me she was intending on catching the show when i asked her about it. She was one of the few people who go for yay! she agreed!:) and i could happily watch the show i've been wanting to catch!

Here's a little background info.
Gokusen originated from a manga. Theres a anime series and then drama seasons 1,2,3, sp and the finale with a movie. You can read more from the wiki site.
For more movie info you can go here*

Though some would argue that the running storyline for this drama is all the same, idealistic teacher saving her students, teaching them the good from the bad...blah blah...but that won't make it any of a lesser good show, would it? It has in the running for around 7 years starting out the drama in 2002, and it won quite a few television awards....The main lead Yankumi acted out by Yukie Nakama won quite a few awards on her own for the portrayal of the role as a Yakuza descendant teacher.

For me, i have to admit...i'm a sucker for shows like this...haha...Let me run through the theme for all 3 drama, special and movie finale.
Kumiko is a descendant of a influencial Yakuza family, everyone hopes she would be next to take over from her grandfather, but she has other plans of being a teacher and her grandfather (not portraying any of those scary yakuza-ness) respects her decision. Thus she goes all out (as some say a idealistic teacher) to teach students, and she happens to only be good with handling deliquent classes.
she thought in 3 different boys school. i wonder why boys school only though? :p
first season leads in 2002, have all come a long way since then...Oguri Shun and Jun Matsumoto two of the leads then have also done Hana Yori Dango and were big hits just recently...
first season screens.
all of her students are delinquents and do not (that's a mild word) trust teachers, and she being a yakuza granddaughter having to keep her family background a secret...all the many obstacles which gives a lot more juice and comedic moments to the movie.
second season of students.
Her respect for each individual makes them learn to trust and respect her....something like that runs throughout all the seasons....but it still just makes me wanna catch it all....:)) not to mention all the handsome guys. ;P right jy? i think she catches it more for the cute guys...? she's happily enjoying the series now after catching the movie with me...she's catching it backwards...haha...never too late to catch nice stuff. ;)
so many different hair colours....
students from the third season who also play a big role in the movie.
wide range of cast being used for and from different seasons.
GTO....female version? a little? maybe? but each have their own merits. :) i still do recommend it. i love both of it GTO and Gokusen...won't wanna compare them;)

One of the biggest difference they have taken out from the manga is that they took out the love story bit. In which is kind of a bittersweet thing...for fans they do hope to at least see something happen or a sort of ending in the finale as the manga does emphasize quite on it, but on the other hand, i thought it was a good thing to not digress the main focus of what the movie (and drama) is trying to emphasize. The spirit of true friendship and learning to be oneself. Two awesome themes in the movie, money is important, cause everyone needs it, but it doesn't make the loyal man stay, you can't pay your way into people's heart.

And the most important bit of the movie i took away was when i heard of Kumiko/Yankumi protecting her students and saying a whole line of what would be a cheesy line if delivered by the unpractised, but she did it touchingly.
two of the main leads in the movie.
Once her student, always her student. In life many of them were past delinquents, they have changed for the better, true, they still fall, still fail, still get into trouble but so what if they fall down and fail? It's ok. It's ok to fail, once, twice, thrice, more, as long as they look around they know they have friends and close people to stand by them, dust them and learn how to carry on again.
ahhh. when she said that i was going *awwwwww*
perhaps reading it does it no may just think some idealistic crap. you should just go catch the movie yourself...;) Teachers to be should catch shows like this...;) heh. Mr Chen are you reading this? hee;P
showing at all GV theatres only...official movie site. kinda useless, unless you understand jap :P

Good things must be shared right? :) So let me share where to find manga scans and anime..:)) for the drama...i watched them waaay back so i can't really remember...jy say its all around..just go search..;)

Here's the trailer!:) there's one with eng subs, but i found the subbing distracting, so i put up the one without it...if interested can click on the one with subs.;)

Go have a little laugh with Gokusen the movie.
Hope you'll have a good laugh just as i did with this feel good comedy.

hee. me and jy after movie...:D
round face round face! hahaha.
will send you the pics soon:)
jy filled up the empty space with a hand sign. smart!
xie xies:)

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