Thursday, November 12, 2009

hanging in there.

am hanging in there with this song....

盛夏光年 -五月天

我驕傲的破壞 我痛恨的平凡

讓盛夏去貪玩 把殘酷的未來
狂放到光年外 而現在

放棄規則 放縱去愛
放肆自己 放空未來
我不轉彎 4x

讓定律更簡單 讓秩序更混亂
讓盛夏去貪玩 把殘酷的未來
狂放到光年外 而現在

我要 我瘋 我要 我愛 就是
我要 我瘋 我要 我愛 現在
一萬首的mp3 一萬次瘋狂的愛

我要 我瘋 我要 我愛 就是
我要 我瘋 我要 我愛 現在
盛夏的一場狂歡 來到了光年之外

There's an english translation for the lyrics here*

Not exactly a very popular song...but a song that i like, i believe it's just because it wasn't widely publicised when it was out in 06. Just manage to find it recently...dunno why it's not popular, maybe cause, this movie never made it to Singapore due to it's contents on gay-ism. Haven't catch it yet, but planning to....heard this 2006 taiwan film is quite good. But nevertheless, how the movie is, it's not going to affect my view on this song.
awesome song, listen to it. :) and i'm not saying this because it was sang and written by ashin....

Yaaataaa! I finally finish my assignment, minor adjustments to be made before i can quiz got terribly low marks, yet again. X( kill me. -_-;

been sleeping at unearthly hour recently...but soon soon i can go back to sleeping at ....anytime i like. I like to sleep basically...lazy bum. lol. :P but till then, i'm hanging on with this song, it helps.:D

and i saw phrase in the papers which i really like
The Straits Times 9 Nov 09
written by Leow Si Wan
“Kindness shouldn’t be a chore. Instead it calls for action-even if it is just to smile.”

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