Friday, November 6, 2009

lil lil updates...

Sorry, no time for a long big post...busy busy. Just a lil something.....

Last night i nearly threw my cute lil lappy out the window...well not the first time...opps. =x so violent. hahahaa...But this time it wasn't it's was my just hanged as i was trying to save technically nothing was saved.....and i just finished a whole big chunk and was happy with it...grrr...V-V
hahahaa.....but o well...after much war i managed to get it done. alls well. :D

mayday mayday mayday is in Singapore again!^-^ yay! though am not going to see them i can still hear them on radio and see them in the papers and tv soon! weee...they'll be here for Singapore Hit Awards. If i didn't remember wrongly they have a confirmed award....(Y.E.S. 93.3FM醉心龙虎榜榜上风光奖:五月天 *just checked) and i hope they win best band! and media awarded best chinese band (asian region) & best album!weeee~ :)))) not greedy *of course secretly i hope they win all of it, but then must leave something for others too.heh* o...3 out of 6..heh:p they have 6 different nominations in all..awesome! wootx. i'll be logged onto the radio tonight, to get to hear mayday. XD
o yes, and ling's jammy too...hope he scores something too;) heh. This year there's quite a stella cast coming for the Hit Awards....from those i know and/or like are...五月天、S.H.E(hope they get best group award!:D)、蔡健雅、蕭敬騰、陳偉聯、梁文音、徐佳瑩、黃靖倫、張芸京、迷路兵、Olivia Ong、楊佳盈、陳迪雅、小寒、黃智陽、蔡艾珈....*check them out from cruz's blog sounds like it's going to be a interesting award show. :) * i wanna go see S.H.E at CWP tomorrow on the 7th....but i have to be somewhere times like this i wish i can split myself into two....haha.

So many things to many things to be excited and not excited about (just one. exam-__-)

yeapsyeaps. will blog more soon when i'm done with all yeas...
take care peeps. loves.
be a nice human.

Mayday Jiayous!:)

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