Sunday, November 22, 2009

張開雙手擁抱 全世界

Especially liked video timing 2.10 to 2.50 where ashin and masa speaked on their views towards how they see the world. nice. if you can understand mandarin, do look out for that part. :)

I think this was done for a certain magazine(2009天下教育特刊,五月天限量版!)if anyone sees this mag let me know ya.....kinda saw the interview but not in the mood to read it yet....but still going to share it in case anyone wants to have a look...its here, here and here.

Yeaps there you go. :)
after alot of mind whirling stuff, i needed my mayday fix, so this came at a good time.

Expert from the mag:

"經歷過自我懷疑、親人病痛的重重關卡,五月天卻從來不改樂觀本性,想要用搖滾樂實現愛 、夢想與勇氣!因為「'如果'握緊拳頭的話,你只能對抗這個世界;張開雙手的話,你就可以擁抱 全世界」! "
translating the part which i like, the one in dark blue:
If we clench our fist and can only be able to fight the world, then why not unclench it? Then we would be able to hug the world. - ashin quoting from Lee Ang's film Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon.


o yes, to those who i haven't replied your mail, please give me some time yea? I open my mail after just coming home today and whoa was flooded by 165 mails....not counting my other inbox...haha...please be patient...thanks. :)

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