Saturday, November 28, 2009

sweet sweets. :)

went out with my buggers the other day and was treated by jo...a big thank you. :) it's always totally awesome to get to meet my buggers...even if it's for the slightest reason or no particular reason at all....getting to see each other is the best reason. heh. ;) i'll blog more on that when i have the pics...:)

Look at that big *kling kling* smile!

and that night after such a awesome dinner and starbucks treat with my buggers. my sweet sis gave me a sweet treat which totally sweeten up the already sugary mood night. :) ooo...and she was awesomely kind to wait and meet me at dobhy ghaut station....remembering that this lil alien here, always manages to somehow get lost in that station lols:P

she chosed this super cute big smiley sweets specially to cheer me sweet is that...? :) thanks sis. really. :)

Has various flavours....haven't open them up to eat looks so nicee....bu she de.:P
Lemon. Apple. Orange flavours. and more..
mmmm mmm.


look what i saw while i was at popular today?
colourful handmade clay figurines..!:)
nice and colourful...
it caught my eye because it was a cute and colourful display....
and something more...
it's piggy and sotong!
foooong! are you seeing this? :)
remind me of the one you got someone to make for me for my birthday
Piggy sotong!
Sitting nicely in my cuboard:))
so cute.

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