Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mayday and SHE big winners of Singapore Hit Awards 09.

I didn't go to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to catch the show but i made sure i was at my radio on Yes 933 to catch the whole award show live. :)
Mayday and SHE were both big winners for the night of Singapore Hit Awards 09, respectively winning 5 and 4 awards each! Woooohooo! My two favourite groups winning big! Happy!^^
A big congratulations to Mayday and SHE!
wootx! well done!
And of course congrats to jammy for winning Most Popular Male Artiste & Best Male Vocalist awards. And as usual, his words were very economical "很开心很开心". :P

Aunty Lucy and Michelle chong did a small skit. The whole thing was very funny. But only the jam version came out on youtube clearly. check it out. i lol-ed all the way.:P
His performance video can be seen here* i liked his <王妃>

I found a video with aunty lucy, more of it but still not the full version, but it's ok. I like this one, because she sang SHE and Mayday's song. lol. don't mind the camera, it's totally funny funny funny. :)

did you laugh all the way? ;)
My beloved band won
Best Band
Album Of The Year: Poetry Of The Day After Spring, Mayday
Asia Media Award (Band)
YES 933FM Pick of the Pops Award - Artiste with Most Chart Hits
Popular Group/Band
The last award written was won based on votes, yes, the mayday fans were working hard voting. I casted my vote too. muahaha. :P They worked hard at their album and concert, well deserving these.
Mayday五月天 is 亚洲第一男子 天团 and SHE very rightfully is definitely absolutely 亚洲第一女天团. :D Why i'm so supportive of these two groups is because they do not cause internal chaos among themselves, they love each other like pals and stand very united, and undoubtly Mayday makes their own amazing music and look o-so handsome, whats there not to like? "a good rock band always looks handsome, not necessarilly refering to looks but charisma wise." I forgotten who said that, but i agree. :) and mayday not only makes and play good music, they really look good. haaa.
SHE is always so energetic, cheerful, funny, happy and a group which show much internal love and sing well and do so many other things well so much so that they get the Most Versatile Artiste of the Year Award, how do you not love them too?;)
even monster on the right of the picture was amused by their happiness.
Though both Mayday and SHE were 'vying' for the same award 最受歡迎團體
Popular Group/Band. SHE cheered for Mayday when they won as if they had won it themselves.
I'm so glad my fave two groups are good friends, a big open heart they have, not like some over groups or artiste we often hear about spite-ing other groups or having war. not nice indeed.
Even ashin praised Selina, Hebe and Ella for forever being energetic no matter being where.
He said that all new bands should learn from their example.
yesh. indeed.
Ella gave Aunty Lucy (yes 933 dj's tv role) a big bear hug. She was soooo cute! SHE learnt Aunty Lucy's move and cat phrase "So embarasing....!" with actions and all.
How do you not love such earnest girls?

I happen to see this video of the ella jump. :)

Selina. Hebe. Ella.
S.H.E won
Most Versatile Artiste of the Year Award
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan)
Best Group
Asia Media Award (Group)
They sang, dance, got the crowd high and also made them laugh. just awesome.

Mayday who usually dress more casully were all dressed up to the nines looking very smart. and not to mention gorgeous ;))
Ashin. why your fringe like weird weird de? :p all of them looking good. :)
Ashin was very gracious to praise local band MiLuBing when doing acceptance speech for Mayday when collecting 亞洲傳媒大獎, why ashin was the only one up there is because (i read it somewhere) the rest of the group had to rush for their flight, i think maybe the whole awardshow overran thus they had to switch their performance with SHE too, thus only Ashin was there to collect the award. still it was very nice of him to give some glory to another band. :)

You can catch their performance video here*倔强 and here*天使

I chanced upon a video of Mayday singing the hit from the album Poetry of the Day Tomorrow which they won best album for at last year 2008's Singapore Hit Awards. Loved it. :) so decided to put it up too....heh. :)


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