Saturday, November 21, 2009


cat. taken on the way home when dad sent car to wash.

if you've realised, i've been missing for more than a week now. most probably, most of you would have known by now whats going on or has gone on. If not, ask someone in the gang...i think at least one person in all my buds have the info....don't ask me directly. if your still clueless read on, maybe i might write about it, or you can find a clue. But i think i will not really be blogging for a little while more until i feel like it.

Initially had alot of post to write on, shall let that wait for awhile. let me re-settle down.

physically very capable. mentally somehow very tired.

they say Pisces people's positive and also at the same time negative point could be that they think alot. They see alot more things that others do not, good or not, works in both ways i guess.

Sometimes i'm so dissapointed by how sometimes human characteristics are, really. I always wonder, why and how in the world can such traits and people even exist.

but as yin and yang always go hand in hand, when theres 10 bad traits, theres 20 more to uncover.
whatever it is, we should never go against our conscience...

i think alot. nag alot too. haa.
if i don't bother to nag that means i don't really care, so maybe it's a blessing i nag at those i love. hahaha.

today must be one of those pms days where i'm feeling emo. haa. owell.

anyway, many thanks to those who sent their condolences and well wishes. very kind of ya. loves.

being a 5 year old kid has it perks. sometimes.
ignorance sometimes really is bliss.

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