Monday, December 7, 2009

Mayday 55555 concert well done!

Congrats to Mayday on their big success at Gao Xiong for what was their biggest and most expensive in terms of setup concert!

Just looking at the videos i wish i could have been there....but it's ok..lets not be greedy...hee..:P
I'll wait for the DVD to come out....wooo...*impatient* i wanna relieve the moment..again! and again! and again again again! just like a little kid...
i want agaainnnn!:P

I found this video on a report down for the concert....woah~ nice....mayday. lightsticks. fireworks. who needs more in a concert...? does it even get any better than that?! heh. beat that! ;P enjoy the little vid~
ashin teared again! heh.Xp tears of joy it must have been....:))

Were you awed by the fireworks display too? I can just imagine how spectacular it was....:D


Last month it was monster's biirthday....:)
Happy Birthday 怪獸!
This photo was done up by the fb mayday fc...cute eh? ;)

This month..on the 7th Dec is shuai shuai de 阿信's Happy BIRTH day!:)
Happy Birthday to Youuu~
lao da your older by another year again!
but still always our cutest shuai shuai de. :D
*i wonder why he's always looking towards the upper left hand corner? :P*


o santaaaaaa.
are you reading my blog?
*these collectibles are cute huh*
could i have the concert collectibles and mayday figurines...?

and their newly released concert cd pleaseee?
pretty please?
preeety preeetyyy pleasseee?

for those like me who haven't gotten the cd yet and maybe is also waiting for the dvd instead can have a little appetizer first..
a friend of mine intro-ed this site to me which contains the concert songs...from <<五月天创造小巨蛋DNA LIVE>>
now we're talking. ;)

He recommended 温柔... really truly awesome...
and so were the rest...
but how could they not be..?
mayday rocks.big time.

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