Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chipmunks Chipettes and Boxing day with the gals. :)

Haven't met up with them in a while. Ok, actually i have..individually...haha..haven't met them as a gang in some time...So it was nice as usual:))

We exchange xmas pressies!:) This was what Orange got me...Cute right?:))
Chip and Munk Dale
all wrapped up.
i like Dale his red nose is soo cute:))
out of the box!
Jy was so nice...! She went to Malaysia and brought us back stuff again after the chritmas presents from the last post! so sweet!:)
thanks jy!
earrings from Korea Kuala Lumpur.

Just before the movie...Group pics in toilets on my phone when we go out a must have. lol. Yesh, we do have decent photos but it's with ling...waiting for her to send them over...:)
group shot one: failed. ling cannot be seen.
group shot 2. ahh! better. :)

We went to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2! The Squeakual...:D It was awesome!:)))) I thought the storyline was much better than the first one.
And apart from one cute gang of chipmunks, now theres 2! the chipettes too!:)) weee! Twice the cuteness level!:) can you say no? * i especially like the green fat chipmunk theodore:))* i'm sure many like him too. awws~
Do catch the trailer here. :)

One of the reasons i was anticipating this movie was because long before the trailer came out i heard Quest Crew the Winners of 3rd Season America's Best Dance Crew (abdc) was going to get a cameo in it!:) weee!:)

Presenting Quest Crew.
Boy! Can they dance!:) well...naturally, after all they did win the competition right? ;) heh.
Check out their moves on youtube. ;)

Though their cameo was last than 50 seconds in the whole show it was still great getting to be able to see them after ABDC. :)

taddaa!:) Here's my very own Chipette!
And here's my very own Chip Munk!:)
I think i was kinda influence by QC pic above, they are in the same colour scheme man! lol

You can create your very own one at the official movie site here*
Go get munked!;)
Have fun!

and lastly one from my beloved band wishing all (still) a :)
Enjoy the last few days of Christmas to a new year!
Take carey!
be a nice human.

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