Monday, December 14, 2009

jibjib and stone's birthday:))

This post is loooong outdated...ok. not so long...It was just last Saturday, but i guess after a hectic week it seems to have been a long long time...and it passed by so quickly...

so much info to digest, so many things to do, so little time. santa i change my wish list can...? i want a time machine instead....hahaha!:P

yesh. i'm trying to act mysterious. *pretend you don't know* lol:P
that's jibjibs birthday card!
What happen last Saturday...? The buggers went to celebrate our youngest baby in the buggers Najib's birthday! oo~ finally! yeshhh...i knowwwww~ ;P
tadaaaaaaaa! Here he is...! my proud boy!:)) rightgeous and kind too! saved a fallen driver and went to seek redress for the injured. well done sehhh. *woohoo!
He turns 21!:D

So where the buggers head out to this time...?
tadaaa! we're at the marina barrage!:)
group photos!
w/o ming and i..:( awww. yaaa. i knowwww!it's a picture perfect place..awwws...
i came after class and met kor on the way to go together...

but still...awesome pic!:)

with all the food glorious food!
ting, bie and diy made the food!
i was soooooo hungry after yummy again!:D
we were kind of pathetic creative in the kite flying sector...we didn't have any kite for this windy good kite flying we flew plastic bag with a string as a forfeit for playing the games...hahhaaa...:P it was quite a funny sight...
I like this! naturally good.
is it me or does this photo have that 'FRIENDS' sitcom feel? heh...:)
went for soya bean at night...yummy again!:)
on the way back- mrt. jibjib was riding a couldn't bring home everything...
and of course.
me and sis!:D
looks like i'm killing elmo though...ahhaaa..:P

Despite the busy week i recieved something which warmed me up just with a little whiff~

Chocolate Brownies!
xiexies :))


O yesh! on the 11th it was Stone's birthday...

Happy Birthday Stone papa!
石頭生日快樂 !

His wife probably just given him one of the best birthday presents again...congrats to shi tou and gou gou papa n mama on their second baby boy!:D weee~
double the joy!

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