Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back 2009

2009 is ending. The New Year is coming again. 2010 here i come! :)

but before i enter 2010.
let's me take a recap back to what 2009 has brought me.
silently i remember the bad.
cheerfully i'll gladly share all my happy memories.
(though i quite suspect my memories sorta goes haywire and fits themselve into the wrong date.:P and some may have accidentally gone missing.i'm quite sure i left out some stuff.opps. i think i don't have the pics so kinda lost with that. thanks for the photos i kapoked from some of you.:))

Some with Photos..others not so much cause i can't find them. opps.

I started 209 counting down to this year with Ling and Orange @ The Yishun Countdown Party. It was held opposite Khatib MRT station at the big open field, they have it every year. Orange's mom who was one of the organising committee (i think) very kindly got Orange to invite us to join in the fun. Thanks Auntie. Thank Orange!:)

It was awesome! Not so much because of the many performances, if you asked me, sorry i kinda forgotten who performed. It was more for the company and joyous atmosphere. :)
too bad i can't do it for the coming new year.
Will be in BP for prayers.

Next big occasion was Chinese New Year!
Tours to Buggers Home!:)
An annual event not to be missed, ever since we were sec 2? :)
甜! :)))

Then very lucky me managed to go to Sarawak twice this year! :)
a real bonus.
it's actually supposingly to be placed somewhere in the middle, but because it's two dates and my photo happend to land here so i'll just let it be here.
Gotta see foong and all my beloved relatives!
whom i haven't seen in awhile back then.
so. happy lah. heh

Here comes the start the whole string of 21st in the buggers.
In Numero Uno position:
Abby! My beloved gal!
Happy 21st Birthday Bie!
a groupie shot.

ta taa taa~
it was my turn to turn 21 soon enough.
many awesome people sent their well wishes

Went out with Jojo and Joyce representing the zoo. :)
Went out with my girls for a movie and lunch.
And guess who they sent to wish me a happy birthday? ;)
Bro came back. Went for family birthday dinner. :)
Read the homehand made card by my covalents:)) Sweets. Jin specially met me earlier just to pass me this.
At the strike of midnight my beloved buggers came over to give me the sweetest birthday surprise ever. :))
Thanks guys. <3>
A week later Jin, Fang and Huan came over to my house for a belated celebration and also to celebrate fang's Birthday:)
SLPS still Rocks. ;)

Born a week after me, naturally is my favourite sis!
It's Ting's turn to turn 21!
Group Hug!!
@ Ching ting's 21st Birthday Party.

Next in the line of 21 babies was my bud from Sec One!
We have came a long way from 1m3!;)
Rekkha mummy darling. :)
*i can't find a group pic man.hmmx.*

Few weeks later went out with my covalents...
for something? just for fun? can't rmb.:P
But we had the most photos in one day.
see here see here. *snap!*
heh heh.
and we did the 'long piak' knock into wall pose.

Went to help out at Huan's 21st Party!
Huan Huan is 21!

Very close from Huan's Birthday is Jinjin's 21st.
Just born 10 days apart
Jinjin. How's Thailand? Hope your enjoying!:)

I managed to celebrate a belated birthday with foong. :) because i was back in Kuching near her birthday, ok, just a lil late. heh.

Then Orange turned 22! :) Went out for a movie and a dinner date...but i can't find the pictures..:'(

Orange and Ling are born 10 days apart too! Ok, it's 1 year and 10 days to be exact.

Here's me and jy arriving early to set up the party venue. :)
Fishy is 21!
and i found out my specs is very popular! haha:P

Then then then!
One of the buggers most exciting birthdays..
For ah kor's bday..
ok, so its just batam you think.why all the excitement. To me, spending anywhere with my loved ones esp the buggers make any ole place super enjoyable. :)))
We are in Batam!
Of course we were there to celebrate Mr Koh's Birthday
We had fun in the sun!
We got dressed up to the nines. :)

We made 10 thousand poses. which got us blur:P

With bro and sis. :)

beloved buggers.
mom's birthday!
i realise i'm wearing the same attire as ling's prepertory

then it was back to the 21 babies.
Yee's 21st!:)
I love this photos of the girls.
Yesh. we were all dressed to the nines. :))

I can't remember the date we went to support Orange for her band Nie performance so i'm going to put it in the jam pack wham slam woohoo month of events in august. heh.:P
We rushed down after K in Suntec. :)
my compact cam was still working well then:(
I remembered like Jy's attire for the day very much.
rocker yea.;)

Of course in august there was also something i have been waiting for since 2008...
Mayday DNA World Tour Arrives in Singapore finally!
And guess who got the tickets?
Woohooooo! me me me me!
Mayday Post Here*
This was definitely one of the high high highlights of the year!:D

In the month of September, it's Diy's Birthday!
Happy 21st Diy!:)
Group photos with the bugs are always awesome.

Had a random outing with the gals to K!:)
haven't k-ed in some time...
and we wore the tees we bought from Phuket!:)

Say Happy Birthday to my papa!:)
<3 style="text-align: center;">Went with my newfound classmates to Butter Factory for the first time.
and confirmed, i do not like squeezy places and definitely have 4 left feet. i do not mind the booze though.:P

The gals came down to CWP to celebrate JY's birthday.
We initially wanted to go eat Tze Char which had fish soup which was what JY wanted..
and in the end, we got lazy and went to Breeks to eat. :P
It's a habit to have a group photos with the girls in the toilet mirrors.

Meet up 1 to prepare for Jo's 21st bday planning.
As my buggers know i like this pic alot. :)
use it in alot of ps-ing, cux its nice and its easy to ps. :))

Meet up 2 at Sarah's place to plan Jo's party.
A week later from meeting 1 and a week to go to party.
everyone wrecked their brains hard.
i love having the buggers over at my house, well even though my room is a little small...
err. cosy mah. heh.
Meetup day 3 location Mimolette at Saddle Club
We were there to decorate, plan and execute!:)
All systems ready to go!:D

Back to Jo's place for a quick shower and change
and tadaa....
The show was on!
Let's bring on the party man!
21 21 21!
Dressed to the Nines, Tens, Elevens.;)
sorry no guys here, cux they left first..opps.:P
We were definitely all geared up! Everyone looked so pretty and handsome.
no. i'm not being narcicistic and self praising. lol:P
Met some secondary school mates :)))
Shot with my o-so-beautiful-and cute-sis! Ting!:)))
A shot with Mr Koh one of the emcees of the night. good job bro. :D
another shot with ting.
scenery too nice to give up:P
The photographers. Uchers.Mcees.Helpers. Receptionisters.
the buggers can 'bao ga liao' no need to worry!
We'll always be around for each other no matter who needs matter what the problem or occasion. :)
buggers are family
<3 style="text-align: center;">Post party jo gave us a treat to thank us.
so sweet.
Thanks jo. :)))

And finally the last in the gang of buggers to turn 21!:)))
My beloved Son!
We celebrated it at Marina Barrage.
It was a nice beautiful day. :)
But then again, all days spent with the buggers are awesome right?;)

Finally December comes...
Had an early exchange before our presentation day with the mdis gang. :)
@ Astons The Cathay near school for this sem Dr J's class.

And of course the annual Christmas Dinner with the buggers.
Not as old in tradition as the CNY tours but old enough. :)
I think it dates back a year after we graduated?
Merry Xmas my buggers!
like mom like son?
be it whether it is on the actual day, too early or too late.
celebrating the festive occasion together just warms the heart.
I'll be looking forward to the one next year!:)

Went to MSL POP to see Uncle Tan. :))) and of course see MSL and the band:) But more of catching up with Uncle Tan:)
This is a yearly tradition too.

Some traditions are a good routine to be carry on and on and on.

Those were the happy happenings (i encounter) for me in the year 2009.
What was yours like?
Forget the bad and take with you the good.
May the new year bring all the luck in the world to all my loved ones.
and of course give me some of that luck too!
the more the merrier.

Thank you all those who have participated in my life and brought a smile to my face this year.
You were great. :)
Using something which ashin said (which i very much agreed with. not blindly bianess of ashin. though usually the case, but this time i really like this words:))) :
v.Rough translation- I would like to thank those who risked being disliked by me to push me to do the more. People should have the right to let oneself choose, do not let the 'future of you' hate the 'present you'.

End of 2009 with a blast and Welcome the New Year 2010 with a Cheer!
loves all.
Take good care!
Be a nice human.

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