Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you hamham. good bye.

Ham Ham.
Thank you for your accompaniment this 2 1/2 years.
You were a good boy.
I loved the way how you always were so quick to react when i came by because you smart little old man would know yummy food is coming. You would always look up at me like a adoring little boy with those sparkly ears as though is that food i hear? you don't have any...? nooo...pls bring me more yummy food..
This morning i woke up, to see the sparkle gone...all i could see was your suffering. I didn't know what more i could do. You were collapsed in that corner, your eyes open, but i'm sure you couldnt see much. All you could do was breathe very hardly, i could see you were suffering you were going. I sat there helplessly crying away,looking at you,stoking only able to say it's ok, you can go now,you shouldn't be suffering here, let go, its ok, you have been a good boy.

I was supposed to go out, but i know you wouldn't be able to make it till i came back. I didn't want to leave you passed on all alone at home...And i guess, after awhile, you gotten my words and let go. Probably it was a good thing, to see you suffering, i felt so horrible. I pushed back my meeting(thank you jin n fang for waiting) and gave you a final goodbye...

It feels kinda saddening, but then again, you won't be in pain anymore. You would be in a better place or carry on to your next life. Be a good human yes? :) i'm sure you would be hamham...

I sat on the mrt and while walking home i suddenly realise that when i come home i would have nobody to sayang nobody to scream hamham, rascal,momo or taro i'm home....:( for a minute there, i was :(
but i should change my thinking, you guys shared some awesome cute-ness time with it. It's time to spread more joy around. And maybe you all would find more adventure somewhere else. :)
maybe someday when i'm much older i might see you in your next life. :)
be a good human or good pet or good whatever you might become.
have a good next adventure. :)
the many faces of my 小胖子 hamham. :)

it's good to be around buddies when your sad. Thanks my covcovs and thanks my flautistgirls. :)

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