Saturday, August 1, 2009

what other ways to use the escalator?

The escalators are not just for humans.
lets learn to share share...haha.:P
i was at the airport the other day when i saw the trolleys being transported down through the movin
they were being pushed from the higher level onto the escalator to let it auto slide down to the next level. Though i wasn't able to use the escalator due to other non human passengers, i was not the lest annoyed because i found it kinda interesting. though i've seen it done many times elsewhere, i still think its kinda novel. i'm swaa koo ok...though i've seen it like a gazillion times. :P
moving on moving on.
this uncle in the pic was kinda looking at me..annoyed?
why is this suspicious looking girl taking my picture? Is she going to complain that we didn't let her use the escalator? I think he must have been thinking so when i was snapping the picture thus he's annoyed
sorry uncle. i wouldn't think of complaining, your just doing your job in a innovative way. yea man!:D
and down to the next level you goo......

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