Friday, August 14, 2009

Up Up and Away!

Up up and away! Disney's latest creation is a must watch for those whose kid inside you enjoys a good laugh from time to time with cartoon animations. I'm sure most of you have caught the trailer for Up. But if you haven't, you can catch the official trailer here** Trust me, you'ed be hooked on for more. ;) And in a good way, because, i have caught it, and am letting you know, it's not the kind of show which has an awesome trailer but a mediocore or even worst lousy show...wink* if you know what i mean. ;P
if you thought it was a show about some grumpy old man and a bubbly round not too bright kid. More of less, i'll say, yesh. you got it! But, just because it's not some cute little animal, instead a grumpy looking old man on the front, doesn't mean it would be any less good. A light hearted cartoon which doesn't try too hard to garner any laughter, naturally funny and easy to watch. Great for 5 to 50 and beyond. In everyday's stressful-ness, a little easy laughter is just what we need. lala says go for it!;) heh.

From the same director of Monster Inc. *one of my faves* and the makers of Toy Story and Finding Nemo *both i like!*. No wonder it was good! That did many of the other animation i loved too!;)
If your abit hesitant whether it would be nice...let me just say, maybe i thought all the hoo-haa for Wall-E was abit overated. That is, if you ask me. I didn't enjoy it as much as the critics did or award givers. I just thought it was a Ok film, nothing which made me wanted to laugh my head off or cry buckets. It was kinda slow at some time. So, comparitively, if you thought Wall E was not your cup of tea and need confidence in funny animation, i think this would be the appropriate one..:) oo and ahh together with the characters and enjoy a little laugh!;) Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did if you do go for it!;)
flikr photo gotten from here.

O yes! and lastly, if you enjoyed the show, maybe you would wanna check out their official website too! Lotsa interesting to snoop around at and click away! Have fun! And do catch the movie for a good innocent laugh!:) Let the adventure begin! ;)

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