Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a little shout out!

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!!!
My very red and patriotic red love Singapore shirt from secondary school. When i took this picture i was just playing around with the scarf my couzie gave me...but this shirt makes a nice picture for this post i
Everyone knows how to complain. it might be a national pastime here.just maybe. but ever wonder as how when sometimes some of this grumbles put down your own country whatever the country may be, Singapore, Malaysia etc.
Stop to think, what has this country has done for u,before gripe-ing.
Do we live in a war torn country where we constantly worry for each other's safety.
Do we have a warm shelter and food to keep ourselves full each day.
Sometimes as we grumble about all the bad that the world or the country we're staying bring to us.
Stop and think, there are so many bad things to hang on to, and gripe about, but just as there are so, there are just as many wonderful things we have come across-ed that we might have easily taken for granted.

May each and every country around the whole world enjoy, peace and stability and always have enough to feed its people.

just some verys random thoughts.


to my buggers. Sorry~ i know you guys are waiting for the fb has some problem uploading them...i guess i'll have to send the photos to you guys manually. 0.0 Will try to do it asap kkies. :))

take care peeps.

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