Thursday, August 6, 2009

sick like a ...

Haven't been posting anything or replying much sms-es because i have been sick like a pig.hmm. kinda sensitive animal to use considering the h1n1 flu. people might misunderstand dog? is there a correct term for this? ok...been sick like a sick worm...pardon me..i think the fever burned away my brain abit so i can't find the correct terms to use....:p jyyyyyy...your bug lahh... hahaa...jkjk.=p.

Okies, lets see, oo yesh...
Went and gotten lixian a primary school friend of mine a very gorgeous birthday card.:)
cute right? don't ask me why it is in the wrong position? i can't seem to upload it correctly....hmmx.
fang fang penning down her wellwishes. not before putting a signature bigger than the adresee's name:p
yesh. jinjin help to buy a drink so we could sit in mac just to write the card for awhile...thank you jinjin.
what did she write?
*not good to peek at other people's messages you know....wahaha..:P

After meeting them down to boonlay i went...
jy,fishy and me went to check out the new kbox at safra jurong. it's the themed version, going in the waywards of reminising; retro style.
the screen to select songs is a little different from the normal K we're used to. The one using the remote control. I did find this one quite user friendly. A good development. :) It has games too!
one of the better pics of the room...jy posing with all the american vintage car pics. :P
*sorry, no better pics because i didn't have any camera on me except for my hp. can't blam me, i was sad for hamham, same day, you see.

met up with orange afterwards. We were supposed to take photos with the shirt we gotten from phuket.
as you can see.....well you can't see the shirts
clearer now? eh? too far? okok.
yesh...this is one of the best we could get...haha.:P


on another swaa koo note...
i have only just visited orchard central, ion and illuma for the first time in the last few weeks....
ok. laugh.:P better late than never right? heh;)

Being the kid I always am....I was so excited when jin agreed to play the arcade too!:D
We played the harley ride first because the car ride had people.
yesh. i know. i was wearing a skirt...butbut. i still wanna play! -_- lady like? samseng.
remember..the proper attire to play this game is pants or jeans o. ;)

Yay! then we proceeded on to our car ride.
Which car?
the fast and furious ferrari.
heh. :D
i love arcarde games!
though...their now more expensive then they were as i was a kid.....:(
woohoo~go try it's quite fun..effects and all! :D

coming soon.

at the end of the day when i reached home i realised i had fever....hahaha...
body aches the hot body and sore throat aint no fun. :(
better get well soon.
have to attend yee's 21st! :)

take care peeps.
crazy weather.
drink loadsa water.

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