Saturday, August 29, 2009

proud to be a mayday fan. *updated video link*

**updates. to view the 828 DNA Mayday Concert in Singapore concert article read here.

I realised some you you couldn't view the new mv so i went to youtube to search for the video link that could be streamed here...i realised other video streams can't been seen on my blog...wonder's the new mv!:)


It's super new. Saw it on accident. haha....though i hear more
丁当 than 阿信...but still its a nice surprise find:D see shuai shuai de. haa!
i just got back from DNA Concert by Mayday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. In a real happy sing song mood though kinda tired from being a monkey and singing at the top of my lungs and screaming like yesh. happy. and i love my blue lightstick.....~ awww~

it was awesome. fabulous. spectacular. leave you wanting more. definitely worth the price. do i need to say more to get the point? ;)

will blog more when i have the pics....:)

just an awesome mayday concert! i am proud to be a mayday fan. =D
i'm left hungry for more...i wanna go 829...oo. i'm so

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