Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haze Haze go away.

Finally i got all well from my past sickness. Happy. But, this happiness is not going to be long lived...why?

Because, the dreaded haze days is here again. I have a very weak respiratory system and every time the haze comes means i would be down with cough and flu.....:( lets just hope auntie asthma doesn't tag along this time..... But i feel it coming....i went out today and it was enough to make my throat itch like hell just breathing in the toxic air...cough seems to be finding its way to me....:(( argh. i hate this. i don't wanna get sick. yet again.

haze haze go AWAY. don't ever come back any other day. period. how i wish this would come true...

take good care peeps.:)
don't let the toxic air get you down.

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