Friday, April 19, 2013

perspective and critiques

Very often we are our own worst critiques. Most of us are pretty critical of ourselves, whether in weight, looks etc. I feel this is pretty much the fault of people who want to sell their products thus they make us believe that we are not good enough and never will be and shouldn't be. Cause why else would we need their products right? Media, is playing a good part in helping this evil.

In all fairness, of course media is good for many other things, but with a yin there's a yang. 8/10 women easily can tell you straight out at least 3 things they would like to change about themselves. Change don't get me wrong is not a bad thing, it's just that in this day and age we never feel that it's enough. We never feel pretty and good enough.

I wanna be thinner, taller, more muscular, bigger eyes, longer eyelashes....and the list can go on for light years if you let it. Let's face it, even though we know (think) we have stuff we can improve on, we aren't all that bad altogether right?

We never realise how different we are from what we think we are, i particularly like this campaign done by Dove, the messaging was pretty simple and not for sales or at least not in your face. It was more to let women know, we are mostly prettier than what we credit ourselves for.

Watch this feel good campaign here:

Honestly, even though I recognise faces, i would be pretty bad at describing them. I bet I wouldn't even be able to describe myself properly. And why I believe this campaign is true is because sometimes when i hear my girl friends complaining about their problems I look at them and think to myself, no freaking way. You look so good, and whatever you were complaining about, i honestly don't see it. My pals are always beautiful to me. And this is in all honesty...not necessarily i mean like super model hot or sorts, but there is this one thing in each person which will glow. Their human spirit.People i make friends with, are good people and good people shine right? That's the glow i'm talking about.

When you look into the mirror and feel good, don't put yourself down. Embrace it :) I'm not calling for narcissism though! ;P

Love youself more. You don't give your original self enough credit. :)


  1. Mom, ur always this soft lil angel, ever loving, ever caring, ever genuine :) *love u!*

    1. awww....:') why you so kind one...thank you bie! <3 love you too!:))