Saturday, April 20, 2013

everyone wants to be a superhero

Yoohoo! Another new post so soon after my last post...looks like someone's been pretty hardworking lately eh.

So before the weekend came and everyone went yippeeyahoo TGIF~~~! throws clothes and run amok. (No that's not me in case you were wondering.) There was another exciting event to look forward to this week. hehe. What is it? Don't tell you. Read on to find out.

Secretly everyone wishes to be a superhero, don't lie! You know you want to. I for one know that if I were to die young *choy. touch wood* I would definitely want it to be for some heroic reason of course, not something so stupid that in the event that i meet buddha in my afterlife i would feel so stupid to say how i died. lol.

That got you think the answer must be yes right! With all the super hero action movies coming out now especially IRON MAN 3, I'm guessing that would be pretty much what most guys would like to be now. (Super man's clark kent is really cute to but i think it'll be pretty awkward to cosplay as a guy who wears his underpants on the outside no? :P ) Cosplaying as Iron Man would be awesome!
Look at that and tell me it won't be cool (?!)
gimme my suit nao!
But then again being a cosplay liker I know a cosplay costume must be done well to bring out the machoism, and a good suit is totally going to cost greens. And so this thursday i was able to don the full Iron man suit without burning a hole in my pocket. Muahaha. How? Don't be so impatient lah! I'm getting there already!

All thanks to the good people at Disney together with Nuffnang,I was able to attend this media event that allowed all of the Nuffnangers and other media participants to suit up as Iron Man before the launch of the Iron Man 3 movie next week. Went down with a friend and photo credits with thanks to her. :) 

I was first greeted with all the Iron Man suits which can be found in the latest movie...feast your eyes on these....

Guess which of these were my favourite? :)

yesh. the original and iron patriot well cause it's mostly in blue which i love! :)
was lazy to do a manual collage so i used this online app to collage the pic above!

next is the suiting up part! heh. 
Iron man is not spidey man thus he does not have a camera as part of his props.
(i grew up watching marvel, so i know stuff like this. lol)
and so i can only take the process of someone else suiting up! 

 Here is Randy one of the Nuffnang blogger suiting up! Basically it's a augmented reality "game". In this game, all one has to do is stand in the assigned are and follow the simple actions (aka the super hero actions lah, you know you know...posey posey abit) 

Then *imagine the metal sound* piang piang piang* you are suited up virtually with your very own Iron Man amour. Cool or nottt. 

Let you be one minute of superhero also quite shiok lah hor. :P
completing the process! 
The last part just before the mask go get to admire yourself in a Tony Stark moment, then *piang. sound effect again* you are Iron man!

That's not all;)

Once suited up you can be another minute of a super hero, shiok a little bit more lah. haha.
But sorry, no damsel in distress to save..only have a rough 15 seconds of music to dance to the music...

Iron man dances?
haha...if only the iron man dances the macarena! hehehe.
that would be pretty epic. 

And after this there are two stages of game which was unfortunately i have no photo of...whoops...:X 
Exciting mah...gomen gomen. 
It was to shoot the flying targets and practice flying! No damsel to save but a super hero needs to practice to  be on your feet to save the world okay?

 Toys. Whoever say figurines were only for kids got it wrong. All wrong. 
 For all you Iron Man fans out there....chiong ahhh! 
thank you Disney for hosting us & the lovely goody bags (neh above! heh) and Nuffnang for bringing us down. :)

Are you excited for the release of the movie?!
I have a few friends who already prebooked their about fanatics!

Tony wait for mee k.
(as if calling my best friend like that)

Catch it in theater's next week! gogogo!
*sound effects*
piu piu piu zoooom!
(that was supposed to be the sound of Iron man shooting to save the day and flying off to his next Use abit of imagination! :P )

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