Monday, April 22, 2013

a box full of gratefulness.

Been surfing my favourite tumblr sites Happy things and The Pursuit of happyness last night after a long time being away from this two sites due to (o you know..being busy. :P) and found alot of inspiring stuff. :)

And as always...good things must be shared so here you go! From the two sites as mentioned. I will share them slowly because like good food, if you have too many to eat at a go, one might not be able to digest them and they might all just clash and not seem as good anymore...

So these are the few i'm sharing today...
i guess this must be applicable to me huh. 
till then it shall be. 

one of my favourite authors. 
so let the good thoughts resonate in you. 
there will always be someone or something who is out to make your day and live a little more unpleasant, never let that get to you and be the bigger person. Instead of storing all the bad thoughts which will in turn just ruin your whole day...try to think of something better...:)
a difficult shot, but yes we can. 
after the grumbles. have a good thought!

 I saw this and was very inspired by it to create my own box to store the good things of the year, i will try to fill it up daily, i know sometimes i might turn lazy...but i will remind myself to do it...

and grateful people are happy people. 
there are so many things to be grateful and happy about everyday so I want to be that too. 

I know it's not exactly the start of the year, we're almost reaching the quarter but that doesn't matter. It's still a good initiative to start. :)

Would you try it out too?

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