Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my long overdue valentine's day post...

So I just downloaded all the photos I had in my phone after almost one whole year after I last synced my phone to the comp...

And so i have all these photos which i have almost never blogged about...:P
*bad blogger moment*

Saw this two which are too cute to not share...
the nuffies made a card for all the singles in the office. 
heh heh and this is mine. so cute lah!
and our newest edition to the churp family G gave me this. 
Wes gave me a valentine's day card in all awkwardness! yay! :D


Ok that's it for this short post. I just wanted to show this two pics off. 


Be a nice human. Hope you enjoy the day!
If not, tomorrow will be better!
<3 p="">

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