Saturday, August 24, 2013

五月天[傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)] Part 2!

Remember this post which i did previously sometime back...? That was done somewhere in June just before the concert...and just recently the MV for it came out. WOOHOO! :D

Not just one mv but two! This song (i think) have been commissioned by Coca cola to be their theme song for their new campaign. So one of it we can very clearly see branding here there everywhere in the mv, but it's coke, even if you do branding everyone thinks it's normal.

The other one is a mv which is what i feel has a very similar feel as to the song 第二人生 anyway, let me not get in your way of enjoying by yakking away....enjoy!

Coca cola branded heavily version:

Not so heavily branded version:

Hoho. I took some screenshots when the mv first launched. This were *melt* shots


Talking about the concert i realised.....:X i have not done any post or post any pictures for it yet....haha...busy lah busy. :P

but...let me share one here first k...I've been meaning to post a post on it! Just that i haven't had the time and motivation (ok i admit) to sit and edit photos to share...Looking through my photos i think i remember why i never got down to it cause my photos are really not up to any standard, they are pretty horrible.My hands probably wasn't steady from all the excitement also. lol.

These are a few which i've saw in the pile...after i edit nicely i'll try get down to a post...hehe

 all my shots of ashin were either too far or blur :( 
 this blur picture is just to show you how near they were to me....hehehehe
I sat close to monster's side so i have at least one decent shot of him, can't say that for the rest of them,,,

Hopefully i'll get my concert post up soon....:)

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