Sunday, August 4, 2013


Departure to me seems like a sad word no matter which context I try to fit it to actually. There's the extreme kind of 生离死别 and of course the everyday kind where most of us will see in our lives; the not so extreme version of departures. From friends leaving for a short trip or a long trip overseas it all fall under the same category.

 Recently in this year or rather just this few months or in my stint of being in this same job I've seen so many people come and go. But it's normal I guess, even some of my buddies have swooped jobs as per changing clothes. Gone were the days where people stay at least 10,15,20 years in one job. 

I took a month to come to terms that ill be "losing" my fighting buddy who started it out with me. Yes, no one acknowledges what we did, probably it might mean nothing as a whole, but I always say we know what we do is good enough. (Well most of the time when I get infuriated I beg to differ, but one think I know is I never once let my conscience down) oops sidetrack, the angry elf was jumping out for abit. 

And so officially when I start next week, I lost a good partner. I get attached and sentimental ( this only happens when I let people into my 圈圈 if not ill feel sad and that's about it) and then on Friday one of the MY ops told me she was leaving too that day. 😱 Double horror. She was my roomie from the last trip and my go to whenever I needed stuff from MY, I guess I built a certain kind of bond and friendship there too..

But I am grateful that she did say bye to me on her last day, I don't know, but it means alot to me at least:) I wish her all the best! 

Was chatting with another techie from MY who was saying that he too share my thoughts, see I'm not so weird after all. Haha. I realised that towards newer people I tend to be nice but not close. It's two very different things. 

People come people go, it's very normal, but being human or it's a pieces trait, I don't know. We hate the sort of feeling during departure. 

But after all those being said, departure is not the end, well unless the person is flying after for good, but even so you can still make the effort to maintain a relationship and bond forged:) It'll be alot harder but if it works out it'll be another friendship for life no? 

So no romantic relationship? No worries,bffpt. I'm already very busy maintaining all my other kind of relationships. Yes friends are a integral part of my life and family, I never take them for granted, so I always take time to appreciate the things, people and bond in my life:) 

And it's 4am in the morning, being a sentimental freak, no wonder I can't be a top blogger cause I don't write about cool cafes and fashion, I write about what's in my head, but owell, maybe 10 years later ill read this and have a good laugh. 
Hello the ten years later me! Hope you are still being randomly crazy and very happy. :)

Wishing you all the best, thank you for crossing in my path. :) we'll eat cakes soon!

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