Thursday, August 15, 2013

4G and me

I admit it. I'm a total social media junkie. My whole world nowadays revolve around it. Hell even my work depends on it!

And you...yes you reading this post! I bet you are too! 

Don't get me wrong...I still really enjoy heart to heart chats with friends and close ones aka hth chats. Lol. I never caught on what HTH means until much later. And I love more than anything else hand written letters, friends who know me know the thrill I get when receiving handwritten stuff. But still I love everything online too. 

Irony? Quite the opposite I think! It just means I like words and communication! And expressionism. ( ah. Spoken like a true artists. Ahem) My blog is like what, 5 years old? Shows my commitment. LOL.

And that being said since I am out almost 24/7 almost! I really really appreciate being able to use my social media to connect to the world on the go! This means that even on mrts I can enjoy being uninterrupted and of course....using this free time to make the best out of it! 

Apart from connecting with the world and close ones...I look for inspiration! And comfort...where else but from my favourite YouTubers Wongfu productions! :D Wongfu for lyfe yo!
checkout my new nice guy shirt from WFP :D

Honestly I can't really imagine the days where we didnt have smart phones or phones without a data plan? I guess music did it...but now it's like making the most of my time! I can stream my fave Mayday music on the go, chat, Instagram, tweet, play battle camp online (haha! New game introed by the tech team and g) and after I have finish all my energies load more Wongfu videos to watch. 

All these in the time span I use to travel to and from work! Good stable entertainment on the go! 

What do YOU enjoy on 4G? Tell M1 as M1 would like to listen to what you say! Yay! Listening is always when someone would like to hear me out...of course I share lah! Haha

Now your chance! Tell M1 what you enjoy on 4G in a short video not longer than 10 sec and upload it to their fb site. 

Here are the steps! 

Step 1: take a blank piece of paper / cardboard 

Step 2: write on it What you enjoy on 4G. 
Like my example: I enjoy streaming YouTube videos on the go! (I'm such a YouTube junkie...they should give me some loyalty points to meet Wongfu XD heh) After you are done, it should look something like this...

Step 3: Stand in front of your camera / phone / laptop with video function and video yourself (when facing cam, your message should move in from the right and exit through the left)

Here's my video which I did! Hahahah, so pai seh pls! 

I previously did a better one ( I was more prepared on that day, nice clothes, hair, makeup all) but alas couldn't use that video. X-X 

Owell. So that was it! I think you can do better lah hor! Join k! You get to win some awesome what? 


win over $25,000 in prizes, including the new Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE, HTC One, Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1!

Taken directly from their site! Words only not tempting enough? Ok, I helpch you get motivated a little...

 htc one. (mayday is the taiwan ambassador for htc! hehe)
handsome dao. *-*
 Samsung Galaxy S4 (you get to win LTE tooooo!) 
 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Sony Xperia Z tablet

And since insta vid is the whole rage can also upload your videos through insta vid! Very simple one...just tag your entry with #m1foreveryone to qualify! :D 

Hohoho. Hope we all win something! Now just keep that 4G stable everywhere I go k! So I can continue catching my favourite Wfp, david choi and Mayday videos so no matter how crappy the day is they can cheer me up. 

Come I share one with you now! After that..go join the contest to win yourself goodies! JOIN HERE! From now till 28 August for this phase (4G contest) So, don't wait, join already....easy only! ;) *plus you do NOT need to be a M1 user to join. Easy peasy lah.

Good Luck! 

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