Saturday, August 24, 2013

fighting fats. fats fighting.

So it's 2am right now...and i think today has been extremely fruitful. Had a really ridiculous and yet happy dream, woke up early at 9.30 am to go with the parents for breakie. (9.30am in my weekend context is early ok!) haha.

I got to pick the place for brunch cause 难得 i wake up early if theres nothing scheduled on you know (for those who are judging me already. go away -.- haha) Guess where did i pick? Some fancy restaurant? Nuuu. I'm a pretty local kid. I like fancy brunches but they really cost quite a big sometimes, and everyone knows i love mac breakies but no, it's not that too.

Today i went with my inner local kid. I chose to eat at those neighbourhood kopitiam's, those big ones next to the wet markets. Those are the best!! :D They have everything! And my favourite Asian breakfast you know....CAI TAO KUEH!!! omm nooms.

Who doesn't love carrot cake? i'm sure everyone likes it. Only a matter of black or white right? :P

And a whole load more food after that which i was greedily gobbling down so no photos, i'm not really a 'food photo' extraordinaire after all. 

On the way home i was browsing through fb and saw THIS link *gives horror face* It was an article talking about how unhealthy Singapore hawker breakfast is, great. What a bummer. Thanks for spoiling the mood men's health magazine. I would have love not to know really. 

Ok that gave me a little bit more motivation to give those squishy fats a run for their money! So i worked out quite a bit cleaning up my hammies cages and all...and went for a swim after that. Yesh exercise to work away those biong biong fats. Though i wonder if i even manage to clear 1/6 of what i've eaten. *exasperation* *throws hands in the air in despair* i want to eat what i want in peace without worrying and having a care in the world of how to get rid of those unwanted stuff afterwards. (okok lazy lah. don't wanna exercise. heh XP don't judge, it happens sometimes especially to busy people who have really no time! i understand you. and even if you have time you just wanna enjoy life and chill right. i get you i get you.)

Previously i remembered ever chatting with mum while watching those variety shows about losing weight, think it was an American one showing those stars and people losing weight through liposuction. She say it would be pretty awesome huh, but me being the scaredy cat for such unnecessary (up to personal opinion ; i'm entitled to mine ok) invasive method. Though i would have to admit the results sure sounded tempting and all...But I DO NOT encourage normal people who are not obese to go do it. Firstly, so rich ah!! Secondly, really, you are NOT as fat as you think. And, there are lotsa risks involved. 

But for those who are reading this and really need it (like for real one, like me? boohoo. ) i recently got to know of this new non invasive non surgical method. Liposonix- fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells. The idea of anything not being poked into me and getting the same effects sounds great to me if you ask me!

When you know they say it sounds too good to be true...what do you do? Do your homework! I'm going to share my readings from their information brochure for you to know more! Your welcome. 

"How does it work? 
The Liposonix treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy. It is the same energy source as diagnostic ultrasound, but it is designed to very precisely target specific areas with high energy to destroy fat cells.

How long is the treatment? 
Typically a Liposonix treatment of the abdomen and flanks is completed in about one hour. This may vary depending on the treatment area and your specific needs.

How many treatments will I need? 
The fat is permanently destroyed in just a single treatment.

Who can benefit from a Liposonix treatment? 
The Liposonix treatment is ideal for active, healthy individuals who have at least 1 inch or 2.5 cm of fat to lose in their abdomen or flanks. It is non-invasive, so it is a great solution if you have stubborn fat but don’t want to have surgery. "(So if you are the skinny kind of person and think you are fat. Its NOT for you. you aren't fat anyway, don't put that thought in your head. Go live beautifully and healthily yo!)  But definitely sounds like me, how? I exercise also still have more than that number, sponsor me please Liposonix? lol. Xp

And so this was the machine i was looking through their articles and materials. When i saw it i couldn't quite put my finger as to why it looked familiar till a little while later...heh. XD 
(it's Eva from Wall E in case you haven't recognise the robot yet!)

So these are the little nuggets of information i pulled out...if you have more queries, check them out at their website HERE. It would definitely be clearer and make more sense :)

Here's to us saying Byebye Sayonara to fats one way or another!
(of course no matter what method you may choose to use, i would still say, keep a healthy lifestyle.)


We don't want to look at short term goals and effects, we want to keep them that way!

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