Sunday, June 28, 2015


Sometimes life makes us question ourselves alot. 
being a march pisces baby makes it all the more difficult. 
whatever choices we make, as long as we did to our best of ability with the best of intentions, 
Come What May. 

For when we look back and may one day regret, we can rest in knowing that at that very moment, it was the best we could. With that, there's really nothing we should not be able to pick ourselves up from. 

If no one believes in you. 
its going to be hard. 
but never, ever, 
lose faith in 

it's hard. but believe. 

even if you are down, 
so what. 
the only way next is 
isn't it?
March forward. March forth.Onwards we march with a strong heart and a brave soul. Yet never forgetting to upkeep a kind instinct. 


有一天 我在想 我到底算是个什么东西 还是我 会不会
根本就不算东西 天天都漫无目的 偏偏又想要证明真理

就算是整个世界 把我抛弃 而至少快乐伤心我自己决定
所以我说 就让他去 我知道潮落之后一定有潮起 有什么了不起

yes you know it. taken off 五月天 - 人生海海

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