Tuesday, February 3, 2015

because i deserve to look good and feel great!

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Since young, Ive always had a full head of hair and very often people will tell me that my hair is very very thick, even my hairstylist says so! I never thought I have hair loss problem, especially because I'm only in my 20s (who loses hair in their 20s right?!), which I learned from a Tichokare that it is a very common misconception!

I attended Tichokare Alternative Films last November and they were explaining many questions that I personally had doubts about and clarified it perfectly! walked away feeling I can have a good head of chio hair hehehe.

(Sorry for that extra head lol)

They were also professional and very well-versed with product knowledge! I confess, i was a little tempted after the talk to attend their treatment, I even gave it to a friend whom has hair loss to give it a go at TrichoKare.

They look a lot better than other Hair Care Centres in Singapore la. TrichoKare received the Most Trusted Trichological Centre, and accredited by NathanRich Research LLP- which is a company that do researches to help a company better serve its customers.


Some things to take note to prevent hair loss and promote good hair:
-    Dont be too stress
-    Take care of my diet and nutrients intake
-    Healthy Lifestyle (ok I will start running & exercising soon..)
-    They also say to rest enough (this i can do easily, sleep more :D )
-    Avoid Heat-drying. Sian i everyday also blow dry my hair + straighten somemore.

On the day of the event it was one of their campaign which was pretty cool actually. Based on the theme In Moving Young Hearts for Scalp Care Model, to reflect TrichoKares mission to enhance their customers image and confidence with trichological products and European herbal hair remedy. Which is very essential these day, especially in young people where we are so affected by physical outward appearance. To me, it is important to look good to feel good! Not saying that people dont feel good when they dont take care of their outward appearance, but a neat and well groomed person will make one feel more confident about themselves, where hair plays such an IMPORTANT role!!!

When I was younger I never paid much attention to my hair- it was dry frizzy and untamed most of the time, and im always quite conscious of that. But as I grew older and earned abit more money, I invested in making my hair look good, go to a nice stylist, treatments, coloring my hair, and I look better now (or at least I hope so), thus I fell better too! I unfortunately still have greasy & unhealthy scalp (L), hopefully what I learned in TrichoKare would help me overcome that and help YOU as well! :)

Back to the videos

They got entries from hundreds of people! Some of it was actually quite funny and I was quite amaze that some were very creative (to me at least)!

Heres a few to show you:

Pretty good right! The prize presentation was held at the event itself, I thought they were a little too shy though. If you can act in front of a camera- which is require some courage, I don't get why they cannot speak in front of crowd (Not like theres 3,000 people). The poor MC had to keep encouraging them to go up… but he was real professional with all smiles! :)

Adrain Pang- One of the Judges!

 The other judge was Xiaxue

There were also 2 other judges which i forgot to take picture of lol..oops!
Mikael Teo (Film Director of Oh Lucky Me Films)
Valkre Loke (TK TrichoKare Business Development Manager)


 They also provided popcorn for us while watching the film! like in a theatre, not bad la hor? Ft. Xiaxue sexy back with Tattoo lol

TrichoKare were really nice and gave us a goodie bag with $100 treatment voucher inside! I offered it to my hair loss friend but he rejected it, I guess I have to go on my own now then.. yay :p

That Cupcake was also inside!!! Nomz. Butter Studio is actually really close to my office, been there a few times but havent tried their Cupcake before!! Looks so prettyyyyyyyy!

Thank you for reading, sharing Promo with you as a reward. heh. thanks for sticking to the end :P

Promo: $59.99 for 3 in 1 Tricho ReGEN Treatment à  + Free Scalp Energizing Therapy + $100 Treatment Pack Voucher (Worth $637!!!)

So worth it! Some bloggers also went down for the treatment and I read their result and experience there..like not bad leh!! Don't say i never share good things..can make your appointments here!

ok thanks bye! 

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