Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writings - Long and short

Just when I thought short life social media is killing in depth writing and in turn a kill in traversing emotions.

I realised I was wrong. Ever since I became a full fledge working adult with responsibilities, the amount of posts on my blog grew visible lower and lower and lower so much so I am ashamed to face my readers. (If I even have any. The atrocity that I assume I do!:p)

I'm such a bad blogger. I never realised so until a very old post of mine was dug out by uncle tan and shared on fb. Shock I was. Reread ing my old post I realised how well I was able to convey my thoughts down. Yea I'm probably being very unbashly unshy about it.
this was it, and yet again, i have to thank you uncle tan for reminding me how i have been lacking in terms of creative imput and thinking ever since i decided to be a responsible adult. i didn't totally lose it, it just wasn't able to take first priority. I will remind myself to be more active in it! :)

This thought comes from the fact that nowadays since I don't have time and (yea I'm lazy I don't make the additional effort to sit and blog in depth thoughts, I just want to ramble in the shortest time possible) I tend to do alot of verbal vomit on twitter and Instagram. All these move very fast and sometimes we just want to get out of the system fast, to get even a response maybe?

As good as it maybe bad with the lack of in depth-ness in emotions it does keep people friends family (well those who have each other on the various social media platforms) pretty well informed first hand of what each other is going through.

After seeing my old post resurface I was regretting how much time I spent on fast going short message social media instead of my 8(?!) year old blog.

But that night as I was being regretful two post made me really happy.

One - an Instagram post from Ann nee:

well, i did look like an idiot here because i was doing a silly face. 
She develop of a photo of a photo where Didi, lelle lelle and I were being silly from the day before and uploaded it to tag us so we could see it. It was probably just a small thing for her but to me. It was a aww moment of the day. I was grinning silly like a little girl, well maybe she printed the pic because her two bffs were in the shot but I chose to believe she chose to print that picture too because I was a special friend to her too. ( I know right, Im such a unshy person)
But it does make one feel warm and fuzzy.

Two - A tweet from Maressa


My twinnie told me she was able to recognise me even though my back was facing the camera in this video ( it was a prank video for RTv) she said I recognised you even though you didnt turn and I asked how she said it was "very me" the things I did.

Warm fuzzy moment 2. I mean I'm not even sure I can recognise all my friends in that kind of situation where no face and very little details were shown please.

Then it pretty much came as a realisation that why did I end up working where I am is because I pretty much loved blogging and fell deep for the rest of the other sorts of social media platforms.

Just like how the tv can never replace the radio. I think short form messaging social media platform can t and should never wipe out my liking for blogging.

Both are great platforms in their own right. But most definitely I should blog more.

So two of my new year resolutions this year which I didn't write in the beginning of the year ( cause those were generic ones, what. I couldn't think of anything then. It was too sudden. And the whole point to think through ly something you want to do and do it right? ;))

1. Photography - shoot more photos

2. Writing (blogging)

As I grew busy I forgot about all my passion and interest. This year I shall recollect them back. My life needs colour other than chasing people, time and money. Even though they are essential.

What have you forgotten and left behind while trying to grow up?

Sought after that simple thing which gives you simple pleasures and great smiles.

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