Monday, December 6, 2010

so far away

being so far away from home makes you miss home.
but luckily i'm not the whiny sort which will cry buckets, all i need is some good mayday or familiar songs and running through the photos on my handphone.
i guess everything wouldn't be so bad as in making me feel more homesick if tempers werent as high.

i guess everyone is a little flustered and a little home sick or sorts and tempers fly, misunderstandings happen, conflicts occus. Ok, though i'm not stuck or in the center of it i guess people who knows me understand how horrible i feel if i see bad stuff going around me.

I grew up in people and friends with lotsa lotsa love. I guess band helped alot too, we kinda learnt to accept each others flaws and laugh about it and all my buddies seem to just gel we don't get into hot temper controversies much i guess. it kinda puts me at a lost when i see all these going on sometimes.

I hope all will go well from here.

Other than that, i'm good people.
Love to you all back home.
Don't worry! I'm always blur and cheery! Alls Well will go Well!:DD

and be a nice human.

will try to post my photos up soon, if i can!:))

ps: posting from lobby, so no pictures to show.

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