Friday, December 31, 2010

it was kind of sad.

i woke up bright and early this morning with my eyes half awake to skype back with my buddies back home, i've been excited about it for the longest time. but they say the bigger the anticipation the greater the dissapointment.

i'm having 16 hour difference in time zone, i slept at 3 due to all the planning and chaos. and wanted to call them using the land line but the stupid phone card just wouldn't work. fish. then i thought i'll just add the skype name first and then can wait for it later, then i went to set alarm to my 6am their 10pm...but i guess my body is just so freaking tired i didn't hear the damn alarm went off until about 7plus and then i logged in and saw not online yet? half eye open i just stared at the skype name hoping it'll work some magic. in bed half an eye open. that was how bad. haa. still very hopeful. falling in and out of doze. eh 8plus, no body? go fb to check msg...realise it was suppose to use another account....and also realised everyone went home already.

ok. my heart just sank. stupid land did you have to give up on me. stupid time zone. and i guess its just my lack of sleep and missing my buggers and not getting to talk to them even after trying to get up so hard, it all makes me feel so low at the moment. :( plus looking at the picture seeing what i miss. ok damn. its not home sick, its hmm, missing out your best friends sick. if anyone ever understands. :'( mix it with a dash of dissapointment. and to top it off, i woke up from a unhappy dream. ahh.shoot.

everyone's still dead asleep i guess i should too. have to wake up happier later.

i miss my buggers, it killed me that i didn't get to speak to them.

buggers, you can't imagine how sad i was when i couldn't get you all. missing you guys loads. sending lotsa love.maybe you guys dont miss me as much cause all of you are there but i miss you all the size of freaking USA. that big. :) and bigger.

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