Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can't save your file as Jpeg in Photoshop?

I was about to pull my hair out when i couldn't figure out how to save the file in jpg format which i needed to print due for tomorrow. Thankfully,theres always the net, with all the helpful nice people around with great information some yes, others not so much, this one was my life save for today. thank you!
So as a pass it on for the useful information a got, i decided to popby here and post this useful bit of information for anyone who might need it and come across this page. :)

So if you ever encounter any such trouble just make sure before you panic and pull out all of your hair because your "save as" doesn't contain jpg, remember to go to your Image at the top bar and under mode change it to 8 bit/channel.

Image > Mode > 8 bit/channel > voila! now you can save in jpg. :))))

yayness to the internet info!:)
no this wasn't it though. ;P
Have a good day yall!;)

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