Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wongfu and Wonfu.

Cheng cheng chennnnng.**super random sound effects. i've realised many pals of mine have an mistaken identity between my favourite production crew cute guys team Wongfu and the chinese (pop or are they indie?) group band Wonfu旺福. I'm just saying because everytime we go to K some of my friends will ask me, i know you like Wonfu I'll help you select their song....Nnnoooooo...I like Wong Fu not Wonfu....haha..

Apart from the name sounding similarly alike...and maybe that they are chinese. They are two very very very very different groups. Did i emphasized on very? haha...:P Ok. maybe in creative circle wise, yes, they are both outstanding bunch of people in their own ways.

See Wong Fu Production.(i guess phil made the name out of his own chinese name 夫)
Wong Fu productions consist of 3 guys.
And spencer? haha.:P
Ted. Wes with spencer snr. Phil.
If you guys usually come here you might find in my old post youtube videos i posted up of this guys....The very first video i watched from wongfu was probably the one they did from the Maroon five song-Sunday morning. And I really got kinda hook with the funny anthics in Baller i guess. I can't really put a finger to what made me sit up to notice this people in the first place, but i just happen to and realise they were good stuff and continued from there. :)

For their videos and online store check them out here.
I always wanted to get a spencer (ain't he cute?) from their store and their tees! i wanttt...but to ship them from expensive. :(

Wong Fu is pretty much known for their creative and quirky videos.
Each has a good skill which makes good teamwork. Not to mention Ted and Wes take some real kickass photos.....yea. Check out their flickrs from my links. :)

Then see Wonfu 旺福
A taiwanese band ( i'm still thinking if their a indie band?) consisting of two guys and two girls.
Known for their tune catchy songs which sticks in your head.
Am personally not a fan, but i think they are alright. :)
at least they make music in their own style, their not the cookie cutter comercial band which just looks pretty.

This was one of the very first songs which i got to know the band by or which i remember...

旺福Won Fu - 迷你裙

That is pretty much i know of this group.

And yesh. So don't mix this group up with Wong Fu productions of the former not the latter...:P

Check them out yourselves to see if you'll like either of the two. :)

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